Damien Gooden

Group CEO - ER Strategies

I have the outgoing and personable nature that often belies those with a strong technical background. Using these attributes and skills I bring a different perspective to problems along with the ability to communicate with all stakeholders to resolve them.

Without clients, staff, suppliers and partners there is no business. The happier those stakeholders are, the happier the business is.
I work with clients and staff to identify problems, then work closely with the client, our staff, suppliers and partners to develop and deliver solutions.

I facilitate the communication of business requirements with IT professionals (and vice versa) to ensure the delivery of technical solutions that solve problems.
Leveraging my technical background as required and my ability to talk to almost anyone, I find ways to get results where others may not.
My focus on communication was integral in helping to grow Thirdscreen from a four person start-up to the thriving business it is today.

I am focussed on assessing and reviewing processes. I break them down to optimise and implement new solutions, often involving implementation of IT products – this creates efficiencies.
Efficiencies take the pain points out of people’s day to day work activities, This allows them to focus on the things that they most enjoy and are most important to achieving client, personal and company goals.

I wholeheartedly embrace the use of technology to change the way things are done to make them more efficient and save people time.
The processes I have solidified have saved countless hours to businesses. This has been achieved by rolling out a mix of proven, new and bespoke products.